Foxford, Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland


Foxford (Irish: Béal Easa, meaning 'mouth of the waterfall'), is a small town on the N26 national primary route between Swinford and Ballina. Just 16km south of Ballina, Foxford is only 20 miles from Ireland West Airport Knock and has a railway station served by trains between Dublin and Ballina.


Located in the shadow of the Nephin and Ox Mountains, Foxford sits along the banks of the salmon-fishing River Moy and is close to Loughs Conn and Cullin, both of which have brown trout fishing.

Foxford Woollen Mills

The town of Foxford developed around the growth of the local Woollen Mills, founded by an Irish Sister of Charity in 1892. Knowing that there was a lot of poverty in the area, Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard realised that the best way to combat these economic conditions was to harness any natural resources and establish local industry. Because Foxford was largely a sheep-farming area and was built on a river, this prompted her to establish a Woollen Mill. Today it is a thriving industry and one of the last working mills in Ireland, producing the famous Foxford blankets, rugs, scarves etc. and is a brand recognised worldwide as being quintessentially Irish.

Secondary School

St Joseph's Secondary School, opened by the Sisters of Charity in October 1961, caters for approximately 350 students and has a teaching staff of 27.

The Foxford Way

The 86km long Foxford Way is one of Mayo's finest walks, extending through the Ox Mountains, from Foxford to Straide and around Lough Cullin to Pontoon. This popular walk has abundant flora and fauna with a strong historical and archaeological influence. Experience and enjoy breathtaking scenery along this route with a vast array of mountains, rivers, lakes and bogs.

Admiral William Brown

Foxford was the birthplace of Admiral William Brown, creator and first admiral of the Argentine Navy, and defender of Buenos Aires during the Argentina-Brazil War. In Argentina his name is honoured with several streets, squares, towns and associations and since the mid 1980’s, a replica of his sword has been worn by Admirals of the Argentine Navy.

A memorial statue of William Brown stands proudly in Foxford to commemorate the career of this great man who was commonly known as the 'father of the Argentine Navy'.